Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is the hotel in Sevierville that we
visited during Spring Break. We met
Ceicy & Gaddy, and Aunt Kim & Chris
& Michael there.

This is Ceicy and Chris getting a huge bucket (750 gallons)
of water dumped on them!

This is one of the "endless" hallways
in the hotel on the way to the waterpark.
It was a long way, but I was fascinated
with EACH and every light fixture on
the wall...all the way down!!!!

Cousin Michael playing in the water.

This is the wave pool that Kennedy and Daddy

This is a picture of the big bucket dumping - the
sound of it SCARED me to death!!!

This is Gaddy, Ceicy, Kennedy, Chris & Michael.
I am not in this picture because I was napping!

This is the outside view of all the water slides
that Mom & Dad and everyone else rode!

Michael & Kennedy with Monty the
Moose. He visited us at breakfast
and then he saw them again at the
Pottery Painting Shop.

My sister seems to be having fun! She is pretending
to be Aerial the Mermaid!

My family at the waterpark! I am just not thrilled
with this place!

I want nothing to do with this waterpark! Get
me outta here please!!!!!!!!!!

Who says I'm messy???? I'm not
THAT messy of an eater, am I???

I am trying to figure out this face!!!!!!!!!! Something
doesn't like quite right! I know...it needs a big
slobbery wet kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Family Pictures!

My family!! Yeah!!!!
Me with all my cousins and Granny & Grandaddy

I'm not too sure what my Daddy is doing!
I don't think he knows either!

This is Granny feeding me!

Grandaddy and Price

I love my new toy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! Aunt Kim is WAY behind on blogging! Sorry! We had a spring break week and all of us have taken turns being sick before and after our trip!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daddy and Aunt Kim were trying to find the source
of an odor in the refrigerator! Dad had his nose up
to the drawers like this and was sniffing! I sniffed
it the rest of the day just like Daddy!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Monday, March 2, 2009

in the ball pit